About Tye Miles

About Tye Miles

Entrepreneur | Personal Branding Expert

Business Strategist | Certified Personal Coach

Tye Miles is a transformational woman leader and coach who has a deep-rooted passion for empowering women to own their unique value, have more impact, make more money, and get more out of life – all while honoring their personal values. 

Tye Miles International Coaching and Consulting offers high-touch branding and business coaching, online visibility strategy, and advisory services along with personal development training. As a certified personal coach, branding & marketing communications expert and Metaphysician, she has over fifteen years of professional expertise and experience with a broad spectrum of clients, from fresh on the journey up to eight-figure earners, including purpose driven entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profit organizations, corporate executives, and subject matter experts.

Tye is committed to collaborating, together, with you to define your goals, enhance your sales and marketing skills, guide you through things, and empower you to follow through with action to reach your business and revenue potential.

She's been designing conversion-worthy personal brands and developing profitable businesses that are personally fulfilling and profitable since 2002. It's at the core of her company and why it exists.

Tye's top values are authenticity and transformation. She believes that if she doesn't express her unique value, she'll stifle the impact she desires to make in the lives of her clients, and that ultimately impacts revenue potential. She also knows that when she works together with you, authenticity, creativity, and profitability abounds. Living and breathing these values has made her one of the top experts and coaches in the industry for those seeking to simultaneously make deep impact and income.

Your authenticity and the unique transformation your company provides amplified in the marketplace with clarity and confidence - that's Tye's promise to you!

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