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Kearn Cherry

As a result of the coaching I received from Tye, I was able to generate 30K in consulting fees in less than 4 months with several other clients to follow up with. Thanks to Tye I am more confident than ever when I ask for the money I know I deserve on sales calls.


Tess Tims

After investing tens of thousands of dollars in working with others coaches and programs, it wasn't until I started working with Tye that I gained clarity of my true brand and developed a monetizable coaching program. As a result of Tye's easy to follow expert guidance around marketing and sales , I was able to communicate my value and close my first high ticket client at 25K, confidently.

It feels so good to FINALLY say that I'm seeing a return on my investment!


Mavis McKnight

"After my first call with Tye I was vibrating with excitement and saw the explosion of possibility! I haven't ever felt this good about my business success. She was able to give me exactly what I had been searching for in order to take my business to the next level. My workshop is gonna be FIRE because of her! She listens intently, is gifted beyond belief, super creative, and an expert at what she does. She really, really, really made me happy that I signed up to work with her!

SHE GETS ME! And that's not an easy task, lol!


Marquita Washington

"Before working with Tye I struggled with a fear of failure, but I also realized I had an even greater fear of how life would change if I became successful. The what-ifs were at times a silent killer of my confidence.  I started working with her when I realized that I was worth taking a chance on. I realized that if I was going to do my part in building my family's legacy --- I had to overcome my fear of failure and be held accountable.    
Since working with Tye  I  have  learned  how  to set attainable goals. Goals that feel good yet stretched me.  Each small achievement was a bite sized  victory.  Over time, these little wins developed my confidence in expressing a creative side and hustle that has encouraged me in ways beyond entrepreneurship.  I can honestly say that initially I felt like the bigger issue I faced was the business side of things I didn’t understand, however, I now know that  the inner work  and  the ability to accept who I am  was key to discovering that  deep passion  that keeps me connected to my goals! 

I have taken ownership of my expertise and launched my business on a greater level as a result of working with Tye."

Dr. Toy Watts

"I was blown away! I had only an idea of what I wanted my business to be but I didn't have anything concrete. Just lots of ideas floating around in my head. I got to the point where I knew I needed a professional. The homework was more than I ever could have imagined. But doing the homework forced me to answer some really tough questions about myself and what I wanted my business to look like. It also forced me to do things in a more aligned and succinct manner.

As a result of working with Tye, I am proud of the final product that we were able to develop with her expert guidance, my brand and business, Women Educators Network.

If you are trying to define your brand and figure out the details of your business, Tye is an amazing brand strategist. Her vibe is amazing. She is positive yet realistic. She will be honest with you and help inspire new ideas that you've never thought of before."

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